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❄️Hey there snowflakes! I'm into the BlackIce fandom, but happy to welcome any other ships as well! I'm also open to suggestions and role play asks as such o(^_^)o alright now let's have a little fun! o(`ω´ )o❄️


Line art for a quick attempt for a new side bar image.



Dark Ages such a happy time for me…

I… I might appear calm on the outside right now. But on the inside I am screaming and hyperventilating in DEM HARDCORE FEELS. The colouring and shading, and the intensity in Pitch’s golden eyes OMG… They’re so beautiful together I CAN’T. Jack is SO CUTE, and Pitch is SO HANDSOME and ASDFGHJHGFDSADFGHJKJHGFDSDFGHJKJHGFDSD!

While I do usually prefer shipping a good version of Jack, with a neutral/good Pitch, I do also find fascination in the shipping of dark Jack Frost and Pitch Black. Like they could be evil kings of earth, ruling with cold and dark, and it would be soooooo badass!  /)(;///w///;)(\ Pitch and Jack in aristocratic and classy clothing is what I live for. They look like royals! Also, I’m trying to see what is painted on that painting behind them two, but I can’t figure out what it is. Maybe it’s an abstract painting…

Anyway, the drawing you made in the middle of these two is also so freakin’ adorable. I LOVE awkward, surprise kisses! …This all probably makes no sense, and just takes up useless space, but I just needed to vent out my poor feelings. You know all love all of your drawings, Yara. <3


I’ll swim and sail on savage seas with ne’er a fear of drowning~~


The choice one.


Playing around, trying to get back in a painting groove. I forgot to not trust the colors on my cintiq.

He was supposed to be happy and bashful and just moe, but then he got sadder as I painted him. I’m sorry Jack 8’V

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pitch black

The King of Nightmares, everyone.
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